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A Naruto RPG

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Speaking of dropping out... [21 Jul 2005|04:09pm]
Yeah, I'm dropping out, too, although not because I have more things to do, or because I'm busy. This place is totally lame, with the inactive-ness and the... lack of players.
So instead, I've decided to focus more on the communities I actually play in, and leave this Jiraiya account to rot.
Maybe I'll see y'all in one.
Konoha shinobi!

[18 Jul 2005|10:01am]

Sorry kids, I've got too much on my plate to have to worry about coming up with entries for this game. I'm going to have to drop out. That goes for both Gaara and Kakashi. Sorry, but it has been fun.
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OOC: absence [12 Jul 2005|01:47pm]
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[08 Jul 2005|01:49pm]

[ mood | sceptical ]

Shikamaru cast Kakashi a sidelong glance.
Letting him go is all well and good when you're not the one he's gonna come after when free.... Oh well... It's certainly bothersome but he's the jounin here.
Shikamaru sighed and shrugged his shoulders. The shadow reaching forth from his feet thinned and disappeared. Then he waited to see what would happen next.

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[07 Jul 2005|10:22am]
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[05 Jul 2005|10:28am]

Anko pressed her lips together as she watched Kakashi's attempt to ask Sasuke to return to the village. She couldn't help but think what a little brat he was (she never had much use for children, despite being an examiner for the chuunin exams) and yet, Sasuke could possibly be her link to Orochimaru.(They were similar, Sasuke and Anko, having received Orochimaru's seal)

No. She never wanted to see that snake charmer again, and then...there were so many things unsaid. hmph! Do you actually think he cares about you! He has his own friken country now Anko...get real...

She knew it was selfish of her. Sasuke may have wanted to go on, but it was in his best intrest to go back to the village and rest. As for Kakashi, it wasn't fair for him to be out here either. Dosu and Shikamaru, Anko could really care less about at this moment. Unless they were attacked, her attention was on the ones before her, Sasuke and Kakashi.

To be presice, she was looking right at Kakashi. A) Because he looked like he would collapse at any given moment and B) Because she thought it was rather dumb of him to call Shikamaru off and let Sasuke go.

It was kind of a half glare, half concerned look, er,and a mix of worry in there too. There were all kinds of feelings floating around in her right now, and she tried to push those for Orochimaru back. Which was working by the way, because at this moment she wanted to knock Sasuke out and drag him home....if it wasn;t for Kakashi there, she probably would have.
Konoha shinobi!

[04 Jul 2005|06:42pm]

Kakashi slowly made his way over to Sasuke.

"Good work Shikamaru." Kakashi did his best to put up a good front and make it look like he wasn't injured, but his wounds were too deep and since they were just recived today, it was pretty obvious to anybody looking at him that he was not at top form.

"Sauske, I bet you're looking for the sound that attacked us. Well, I'm afraid your out of luck, They've already been dispatched, and the battle is long over. Shortly after you were removed from the field of battle, Gaara appeared and killed the Sound's matermind."

Kakashi saw the rage that flashed across Sasuke's eyes. I could just knock him out and take him back to the village, but that would only make him worse. "Sauske, You look like you're past your limit. You've fought hard today, and from what Shikamaru told me of the battle, I'm very proud of you. But I really need you to let go of your pride and come back to get some rest. We don't know what the situation is and needless to say it's dangerous out here. Especially since we think you were a target."

Kakashi turned to Shikamaru "You can let him go now."

Kakashi held his breath as he waited for what was going to happen next.
Konoha shinobi!

[02 Jul 2005|12:03pm]
Kakashi's story intrigued Dosu. Kiriban. Never heard the name. He'd never known of any Konoha renegade working with Sound...then again, Orochimaru hadn't deemed him important enough to learn of such things, and nor had Dosu been interested enough to learn more. But why would a shinobi from Konoha - especially one who'd been an ANBU member - leave and help Sound?

Before he got time to think on this, a very familiar dark-haired boy jumped out ahead of them, sparing them a glance. Dosu smirked slightly as he met Sasuke's glare evenly with his own eyes. At least he'd made an impression, and hadn't been forgotten. He watched, too, as Shikamaru's shadow shot across the ground past him, trapping the Uchiha. For a moment, he'd been ready to leap out of the way, half-expecting it to curve and come for him. Of course, that'd be stupid because Dosu wasn't planning anything and he didn't look it, either.

Following Anko's gaze, he looked over at Kakashi. Hell, he wasn't really in a active mood as he'd just gotten up, but that didn't matter. If their 'leader' wanted him to do something, sure, he'd do it.

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Konoha shinobi!

[29 Jun 2005|10:11pm]

"hmmmmm...." She was unimpressed and bored out of her mind....except for the former student thing. That piqued her intrest. As far as she knew, Kakashi had not trained a team except for team 7. Then again, maybe he did train a team during her 'lost years' where she was just a chuunin and getting drunk every day off that she could afford to.

She didn't remember much during that time.

"...former stu-" she began when Kakashi cut her off, saying something about the devil. devil, nani? oh...Sasuke.

Anko watched with a smirk,and her arms crossed as the Uchiha looked about, then promptly took off. Hmph. Angsty Uchiha. She wasn't surprised the boy reacted this way....of course, the question was, what to do now? She would have followed him, but left everything up to Kakashi.

He would be the team leader, since his explination really went way over her head.

"meh. kids..." She glanced at Dosu and Shikamaru, giving them that overconfident look of hers before glancing sidelong at Kakashi waiting for him to make a descsion.
Konoha shinobi!

[28 Jun 2005|01:30pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

A shadow streaked across the ground as Sasuke turned on his heel to leave. He made it only a few steps before the shadow binding caught him, sticking him to the spot. The Uchiha's temper flared in silent frustration.

Shikamaru stood just behind Kakashi, gazing skyward and looking unconcearned as usual. He laced his fingers together and placed them behind his head, continuing to stare mildly up athe clouds. While it was a natural Shikamaru pose it looked almost ludicris on the serious young Sasuke, forced to assume the pose by the binding jutsu.

"It would be really troublesome trying to protect you, if you keep running off..." Shikamaru said in an almost off-hand voice, glancing over at Sasuke.

He looks spent. Thank goodness for that. Under normal circumstances this wouldn't be the smartest move, but we've got to get him under control. Even if i can't beat him i can hold him here till Anko or Kakashi takes care of him.

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[28 Jun 2005|12:59pm]
Jiraiya shifted his weight from foot to foot and rubbed a hand along his chin.
"Well..." He began, unsure of what to say, and even less so of what the boy wanted him to. These things, these quarrels between team mates, surprises, bad luck, victory, defeat... he'd known all of these things, and he rather liked to think he handled them well. But to see someone else who didn't, well, that was difficult.

Jiraiya looked down at Naruto's expectant face and smiled. They really did look alike, he and the Fourth. Acted the same, too. He could remember a big pair of blue eyes looking up at him, full of big, wet tears. And for what? His team mates. The both of them were always concerned with their team mates.
The old man's smile faded as he sat down next to his student.

"Naruto, some things just don't work out, right?" Konoha was beautiful from so far up... "And some people just aren't that nice." Why did he ever leave? "You just gotta... remember all the stuff that happens, so you can deal with it next time."

Yeah, that sounded right. Sounded cool, too. Made him seem smarter than he probably was. Yeah, that's good.
Konoha shinobi!

[28 Jun 2005|12:33pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Naruto glanced up at the Sannin before flopping down to the stone patio. He sat there for a moment, looking thoughtful then began to recount the events of the past two day. He began with the story of how Sasuke had used him for bait to lure Kakashi out of hiding, and how he had lost his temper and attacked the cocky teamate. This was followed by his discussion over ramen with Iruka-sensai and his trip back to the training ground where he had passed out the previous night. The story unfolded with the rest of the days events blurred together in a short haze, quite the way memory runs together events that are still new and confused to the mind. He had been woken by Rock Lee and Sakura, attacked by sound-nins less than five minutes after waking, fought all morning along side other Leaf Genins and then had the final victory snatched from his fingers by Gaara of the sand. Naruto gave a tired sigh and glanced up at Jiraiya, waiting for a response.

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Wow um... [28 Jun 2005|12:04pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

((Damn you, Sasuke player! ...Gaara? Naruto...? *stands around and does nothing. This is going far, I can tell.))

Konoha shinobi!

((Clutter clutter clutter clutter MWAA-HAA-HAAA!)) [27 Jun 2005|01:54pm]

[ mood | cynical ]

A few twists and turns through the familliar trees of Konoha, and Sauske was able to leave the slower Sand kunoichi in the dust. He smirked, pleased with himself and the results of his speed training. Now then...

The predominant thought on his mind was to find the leader of this failed invasion and take him down-- Sasuke was not yet aware that Kiriban had already been dispatched with by Gaara. He headed vaguely in the direction where the last stage of battle had taken place, though having to take a detour just to loose Temari. Now he was by himself and en route, already mad enough to start the fight all over again, thought still critically low on chakra. And when he got there, he mused ot himself, he'd give the other two idiotic members of his cell a good screaming at. For what he hadn't quite decided yet... he just knew that he was mad at them for helping him, but also mad at them for not acting sooner and gelping save the sand envoy. This was going to look very bad on Konoha's record.

...well...so what? This village is too soft...just look at what one little invasion did to it... He allowed his eyes to play over the distruction that crossed his path. It was pretty bad...but it would have been monumentally worse if the Uchiha had not put up such a spectacular fight. At least, in his mind...

He leapt from a dark collection of shrubs very nearby to the spot. A voice called out to him, one he'd never be able to mistake-- mostly due to it being half muffled by that stupid mask he always wore... -- and the young gennin turned to see his sensei waving at him, "Speak of the devil...Sasuke!"

Sasuke skidded to a stop for an instant, unsure of how to react. There was Kakashi and Shikamaru...with Anko? And...who was that other man? Wasn't that one of the Sound ninjas who had attacked Sakura back in the forest of death? Dousu received a particullarly venmous glare as the Uchiha recalled that day. But then those obsidian orbs went quickly back onto the masked jounin, warily. His teacher would surely order him to go back home and rest after just a cursory glance at his weakened state. But this was no time for cowering. The stranger from the Sound and his stupid shadow clones had insulted the Uchiha by seriously underestimating him. And He would pay for that...dearly...

Not bothering to answer the Silver-haired jounin, Sasuke turned on his heels and left. He was determined to finish the fight he had started, one way or another. And this tie he wouldn't allow anyone else to interfere.

Too bad the fight had already long since been decided...

Konoha shinobi!

[27 Jun 2005|08:55am]

"Well it seems like the best place to start looking for the others is where the battle took place...at the training grounds."

As they walked Kakashi explained things to Anko trying as best he could to keep his voice low so the Sound Ninja in their party wouldn't hear.

"It's like this...we met with an evoy from the sound this morning, they had sent a diplomat wo talk peace with the Hokage, and we were ambushed by some Sound Ninja. Sasuke took off after one attacker and I took off after another, one that had actually managed to kill one of the Sand. The one that I fought was a formor puil of mine, as well as a former ANBU memeber. I was surprised to see him so he got the better of me in the fight, Hell I always thought he become a better fighter than me anyway...but he did talk a lot, and I found out that he was working with a faction in the Sound that was trying to overthrow Orochimaru. They wanted Sasuke dead, and they were also targeting Gaara for some reason.

They knew enough about our meeting to set up this ambush so we think there must be a spy in Konoha. So after a long fight at the training grounds Temai grabbed Sasuke and took him presumably to safety, and Gaara came in, Killed Kiriban, my former student and leader of this attack, and then wandered off. No one's seen Sasuke or Temari since then. I think that about brings us up to speed. It won't be easy finding them now that it's dark, but it shouldn't be impossible."

The finally reached the training ground and Kakashi was about to ask Shikamaru if he was what direction Temari took off with Sasuke when a figure emerged from shadows on the opposite end of the traingn grounds.

"Speak of the devil...Sasuke!"
Konoha shinobi!

[22 Jun 2005|08:33pm]
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Naruto's thing [22 Jun 2005|02:09pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Jiraiya crossed his arms and looked solomnly down at the boy. He looked so upset; moreso than usual, in any case, and it worried him. The sannin contemplated sitting down, as it seemed the story might take awhile, but he was filthy enough as it was. Besides, the poor kid looked like he needed someone to look up to, rather than down on.

"Take your time, really." Jiraiya waved a hand absently and tucked it back under his arm. "Don't want you getting upset or anything." He looked off to the side, at the carving of the Second's face. Trying to comfort people wasn't exactly his forte. He just hoped he wouldn't have to do much of that.

Konoha shinobi!

Temari-san is taking a leave. ;-;! [21 Jun 2005|11:28pm]

[ mood | sad ]

I'm sorry guys, I really am not that much into Naruto anymore, and I really can't keep up with all my communities. If I ever get off of my non Naruto obsessed phase, and Temari is still open, I'll glady take her up again and try to catch up. I'm sorry <3 <3

Feel free to add me, I'd love to keep in touch with all of you ^_^

<3 hara tori

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[21 Jun 2005|07:33pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Naruto stood gazing over the balcony and rethinking the days events in his mind. It had certainly been a long complicated day and he still wasn't sure what had really gone on... Sound Nins had attacked and that sand girl had swooped Sasuke away. Presumably they had been after Sasuke from the begining. Probably to take him to Orochimaru. A tumble of rocks interupted his next thought and Jiriaya came skidding to a stop near him.

"Oi... Naruto..." He said as he rose, dusting himself off with and aggitated countinance.
"Ero-Sennin..." Was the only reply Naruto could manage.
"How many times have i told you not to call me that?!" Jiriaya started, then gave the boy another look over. He was worn and covered in dirt.
"Looks like you've been in a fight there Naruto."
"And i would have kicked major bad guy butt if that Gaara guy hadn't shown up and gotten in my way!" The fire burned back into Naruto's eyes as he clenched his fist in aggrivation.
"Hey Hey... calm down and tell me what happened."

Naruto took another moment to look thoughtful before recounting the days events to the Sannin.

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[20 Jun 2005|03:44pm]

After wandering for a while Gaara finally found Naruto. But he hesitated. He didn't want to approach the other boy so he held back at a distance. What would he even say? There was his pride to consider too. He had respect for Naruto, but at the same time he was such a brat. The way he blustered at the end of that battle? Could he really actually know how to keep the monster in check? Or was something else doing it for him.


Suddenly there was a small rock slide that brought a man with it. Who was this man? He seemed to know Naruto. Well that made Gaara's choice a little easier...he decided to hold back and wait.

Still...he watched Naruto and the other with interest.
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